Reading Group July 1st at 2PM


This discussion will be facilitated by two artists Olivia Leiter and CADE (author of the Xenomaskuline Manifesto). We will be reading a text that is a queer-feminist intervention to political conversations including accelerationism and how our bodies are shaped by technology, media, alienation, and the future. Please join us at our first reading group at Navel.LA. 

Inventing The Future

Reading Group May 27th

at UniversalResearch.Group

The future, according to the authors, has been ceded to the Right, through a decades-long play for hegemony by neoliberal thinkers, thought-leaders, and thinktanks. As such, the Left continually returns to a repertoire of dated historical strategies that fail precisely for their inability to account for emerging social, economic, and technological conditions and orders.

Capitalist Realism

Reading Group March 11th

at UniversalResearch.Group

Capitalist Realism has become a crucial text because of its ability to lay out the contemporary capitalism. Few writers have been able to gain such respect writing from an interdisciplinary perspective connecting neoliberalism and depression via "the privatization of stress," the long-term failure of the left due to workers losing their power on a factory floor, alongside a systemic weakening of unions and socialist futures.

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